A tenth son, Martinek Spak, brings a young teacher, Lovro Kvas, to the castle of Slemenice and predicts that there he will live through a great deal. Kvas, tutoring the son of the lord of the manor, falls in love with his sister Manica. She falls for him too, but their love must remain clandestine, since Manica is also love dby Marjan, the son of the neighbouring lord of the manor, Piškav. When Marjan learns of their love, he demands of Kvas that he instantly leaves Slemenice. Lovro does not wish to quarrel and retreats. Suddenly Martinek Spak appears before Marjan and asserts that Manica will become Kvas's wife, at the same time telling him that he is his half-brother. Marjan is even more infuriated and in a fight mortally wounds the tenth brother. On his deathbed, Martinek reveals to Kvas, that he (Martinek) is the illegitimate son of the lord of the manor Piškav, who in his green for money renounced his poor mother. He gives him his mother's letters, a testimony against Piškav, and beggs that they be delivered to him. But Lovro cannot fullfil his wish as in the meantime he is accused of physically attacking Marjan because of Manica, and imprisoned. The dying Martinek is meanwhile visited by Piškav who tells him of Kvas's imprisonment. Martinek asks him to save him from an unjust sentence. Piškav entrusts the lord of the manor Benjamin, Manica's father, with this task, gives him a farewell letter for his son and commits suicide. Marjan, obeying his father's final wish, leaves the place, and Lovro Kvas returns to Slemenice and marries Manica.

Director: Vojko Duletič
Screenplay by: Vojko Duletič
Author of literary source: Josip Jurčič
Title of literary source: Deseti brat
Director of photography: Mile de Gleria
Set designer: Mirko Lipužič
Costume designer: Mija Jarc, Cveta Mirnik
Sound by: Marjan Meglič, Mladen Prebil
Edited by: Vojko Duletič
Make-up by: Berta Meglič
Production manager: Ljubo Struna
Technical data: 35 mm, barvni, standard
Production company: Viba film
Distribution: Filmski sklad R Slovenije
Cast: Radko Polič, Bert Sotlar, Stevo Žigon, Boris Kralj, Štefka Drolc, Marjeta Gregorač, Janez Vrhovec, Volodja Peer, Angelca Hlebce, Matjaž Višnar