How to integrate this idea into world

We mainly worked on medical field, but this project has yet another aspect. Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a native plant in Asia, but also a very problematic invasive plant in Europe, and both Americas. So that is we decided to also work in the field of ecology. Because the Japanese knotweed is a very rich source of resveratrol, we could isolate resveratrol from the roots. That would lead to exterminating Japanese knotweed.
We aready started to work on a map which marks the areas where it grows. That way, we will know exactly how spreaded the Japanese knotweed really is.
This is a map of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe. The yellow dots represent the Japanes knotweed which has not yet been cut and continues to bloom. Blue dots represent the areas where the Japanes knotweed grows, but it being cut, so it no longer blooms.
The map is still being completed.
Picture 1: Japanese knotweed in Ljubljana, Slovenia